A Message from Michael Strukoff and the Elevatus Steering Committee


Dear Friends:

Very recently, we reached a point in the merger work where it became clear that the process itself was about to increase in cost to the extent that the merger didn't make financial sense. While very disappointing, we chose to withdraw our merger application because it was no longer in the interests of our members.

We all regret this unexpected development. Yet in making the decision, we have also reaffirmed our partnership and our shared purpose: to champion local, community-based financial services in the places we call home.

There are many ways to ensure we achieve that purpose. We will continue to work together, to collaborate. We will share ideas about improving member-services and employee development. We will make progress together.

Our ability to achieve our goals and explore strategic possibilities has not ended. We've only just started in fact, and we all look forward to sharing our successes in the future.

Michael Strukoff
Chair, Elevatus Steering Committee

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