What if you could take the best of the best
of everything and bring it together?




Exploring strength and unity between six credit unions is serious and important work. Yet it’s also creative work and that can actually be fun. Adding a few smiles to the process is where we need your help. Here’s how:

(1) Visit our new Facebook page: facebook.com/exploringstrengthandunity.

(2) When you arrive, think up answers to the questions we pose - like: If you brought Sarah, Stevie, Shania and Joni together in one all-female band, what would you call it

Sample Answer: McNickstwitchell. (of course, you can do way better than that - give it a try!)

(3) Every time you post a different answer on our Facebook page, you’ll be entered in a draw: For one of five $200 Prepaid Credit Cards!!!! Share the post and the fun will grow.

(4) Participants in #awesometogether will be the first to see the proposed new name for their shared Credit Union. That’s exciting.

Visit the facebook.com/exploringstrengthandunity page and join in the #awesometogether conversation and contest today. Stay tuned for more info about our proposed merger in the coming months.

As member-owned credit unions, the proposed merger is dependent on favourable member votes. The merger is also dependent on regulatory consent. One of the requirements of our application for consent is providing the name of the proposed new credit union. We are pleased to be able to share that name with you in October of 2019.
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