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Exploring: Together, the Boards of Directors at Columbia Valley, Creston & District, East Kootenay Community, Grand Forks, Heritage, Kootenay Savings, and Nelson & District Credit Unions are exploring the pros and cons of an amalgamation to determine if it is the right choice for their respective operations. In the end, members will ultimately make the final decision for their credit union by way of a membership vote.

Strength: By sharing resources and expertise, it is believed that a new organization could achieve significant benefits for its members, its employees, and its communities.

Unity: For years Credit Unions across this region have been collaborating in many different ways on various projects. These collaborations have proven to be very positive and progressive, and are the driving force behind this exploration.

Explore Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

Together the seven credit unions are exploring an important change to the way that credit unions across the region operate. This is only the beginning of an exploration, and will be an ongoing journey. This will be the place for members to find the most up to date and accurate information and will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

Please contact us with any ideas, issues, questions or concerns.

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